ERP Implementation & Consultancy

Here are some of the key focus areas in the implementation of ERP:


We help you first define what the key performance indicators are, and how reporting can be made a part of the overall strategy.

ERP Project Management:

Our team of project managers can safely sail clients and vendor teams towards the successful deployment of an ERP system.

Design and Configuration:

We design and configure the system to suit the specifics of business requirements

Organizational Change Management:

We understand that change should begin within and ensure our organizational change management process can help your team adopt ERP implementation at every stage in no time.

ERP Training:

Our solid ERP training and education form the basis for the right implementation process. This also accounts for effectiveness and thorough deployment in the future.

Experts in ERP Data Conversion:

When our team reviews the current state and develops the future state, a data strategy is mapped for the data file conversion, both historic and current. We will assist the client in the planning and implementation of data conversion to a new system, even if the client doesn’t have an in-house IT team.

Quality Control:

Our team has extensive experience and the required expertise in providing an efficient development/testing phase for comprehensive testing of the new system in place in different test environments. We help you carry out extensive sessions for workflow, integration and process testing.


Our team helps in the final deployment and go-live following handling and monitoring of tests, pilot, data integration/migration, customizations or fixes, if any, and pre-deployment stages. We’ll also help develop user documentation, user manual, and training with your user community. Finally, we detail out the entire process that helps travel towards successful implementation to reduce operational disruption.

Eye on business process improvement:

ERP deployment doesn’t just end up with development and configuration. We, at Abi Tech, bring about effective business process improvement across the enterprise for process consistency and greater alignment.

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