Sharepoint is a web-based application platform that one can access through the browser. It enables organizations and enterprises to build a secure platform to organize, store and share information. With time, Sharepoint has turned out to be a simple collaborative and document management platform for teams. For instance, you can use it as an extranet, intranet or a wiki-style website.

If you’re looking to outsource Sharepoint development in india or looking for a reliable offshore partner for Sharepoint in india, you should exercise proper diligence before choosing the right SharePoint development team. How can AbiTech help big enterprises, SMEs and Startups as a reliable offshore consultant for designing and developing a SharePoint site?

IT Policy: India has a favourable IT policy with a greater ease of doing business and rigorous laws on IPR security making ABI-Tech Solution the most preferred SharePoint development partner in the region.

Seamless communication: We are not only conversant with coding languages, but equally adept at delivering ease of communication without any barriers. We enjoy higher ratings and positive feedback on many technical and functional factors.

Pilot Phase Project Evaluation: We will be more than happy to work on any pilot project, if at all there is need to assess our development capabilities with a suitable project agreement.

Project Management (PM): Our project management team leave no stone unturned when it comes to preparing a technical detailing of a project, project schedule, project deliverables, time vs. cost analysis, Information Architecture, SWOT analysis, Contingency Planning, Configuration and Quality Testing.

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